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5 Magical Ways to Experience Derwent Valley Tasmania in Spring

There’s something quite magical about the Derwent Valley in Spring – or the ‘Valley’ as its colloquially known by locals. The wintry weather starts to calm, as the days feel lighter and longer. New life is shooting up in every direction and the crisp mountainous air cleanses you from the inside out. This is a great time to experience first-hand what makes this region so special. Why the cattle are plumper, fruit is juicer, scenery more colourful, and wine, well, just that little bit tastier (but shhh, don’t tell the other regions). Here’s five magical ways to experience Tasmania’s Derwent Valley in Spring.

1. Meet the furry locals in their natural habitat.

Driving along the Derwent Valley’s country roads in Spring is a heart-warming experience, the kind that brings a smile to the face of even the most straight-laced among us. Spring lambs jumping in the fields with glee, calves stumbling as they learn to walk. Each year, new life is born into the Valley’s fields transforming its mountainous views into wool-flecked works of art. Get up close and personal with these cute, furry creatures by visiting any one of the many fantastic farm stays on offer in the Derwent Valley.

Credit 28 Gates Instagram.

2. Visit the alluring country gardens as they 'Spring' to life.

Beautiful gardens and magnificent trees are what you’ll find in the Valley. Like Hawthorn Lodge – a heritage-listed accommodation which is home to one of Australia’s oldest magnolia trees. There’s a beautiful established orchard and market garden here, too.

Hawthorn Lodge

Credit Hawthorn Lodge Lazy Teas

You could easily spend a day exploring the historic gardens of Valleyfield, in New Norfolk. While in this area, do check out this historic property previously owned by two ex-convicts beside the Derwent River. They also have Open Gardens on the 11th & 18th of November, from 10am to 4pm.

Glen Derwent is another hidden gem set on five hectares of park-like pasture and gardens overlooking the Derwent River. Celebrate the home’s anniversary on the 25th of November with a Regency House & Garden Party. Entry includes delicious period lunch and afternoon tea (yes, get your fancy dress on).

Glen Derwent

Credit glenderwent via Instagram

Another must-see is Prospect Garden, located right in the heart of Hamilton. Now open seven days a week, from 9am to 4pm through Spring and Summer.

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3. Enjoy the tastiest local produce going around.

Stroll through the New Norfolk Market on Saturday to sample Derwent Valley’s (and arguably the state’s) finest produce or pick your own produce directly from the New Norfolk community market. Another option is to stop by any of the fantastic roadside stores for a quick feed, or if you’re feeling fancy, dine at any of the award-winning local eateries. Let’s just say, you won’t be short of choice when it comes to delicious food and produce in this part of the state.

Credit Westerway Raspberry Farm

4. Sample some of Tasmania’s finest (and most delicious) wine on offer.

Not only is Spring the best time to sample wineries in the Derwent Valley’s new season harvest – but it’s also the best time to bask in breathtaking views of fully lush grapevines. And what better view to take in while sampling some of the most delicious and complex vinos Tassie has to offer? There are many fantastic wineries in the Valley – all with unique stories to tell.  Tour around the Derwent Valley Wine Region by car or book in with one of the local your companies.
Click here for more information on the local wineries on offer.

Credit Stefano Lubiana Wines

5. Take a country drive and enjoy the peace and quiet of Spring pre-tourist season.

When visiting this glorious region in Spring, take a pause and look around. Smell the fresh air as you breathe in… and out. Hear the complete and utter silence of nothingness. At this time of the year, things are a little bit quieter. There’s less traffic on the roads and you can take your pick of car parks, accommodation options and restaurants (but still do book ahead).

Credit overdrivetasmania via Instagram

Whether you’ve got time for a day trip, or plan to make a week of it, Springtime in the Derwent Valley is Tasmania’s best kept secret – but shhhh, don’t tell any more.

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