About Derwent Valley Tasmania

Step back in time. Breathe. Unplug. Wonder.

The locals know that the Derwent Valley is Tasmania’s best kept secret. It is their secret. Their secret, perfect piece of the world. Perfectly, sublimely beautiful. Pristine. Vast, with warm pockets of civilisation.

Since it earliest history, the Derwent Valley has always been a favourite destination for Tasmanians, first for the indigenous peoples and later for the European settlers, and so on until the present day.

Now in the 2000’s, The Valley has again captured the hearts of so many, and is coming into its own as Tasmania’s premier tourism and a lifestyle destination.

In 2017 a loose collective of Tourism Operators, who are passionate about their Valley, decided that the time was right to promote the Derwent Valley Tasmania brand. The initial small group initiative was to establish a Derwent Valley Tasmania Facebook page.

This initiative quickly grew into a true grass-roots movement to promote the Derwent Valley for what it is: Tasmania’s most scenically beautiful valley, Tasmania’s premier wine and gourmet food bowl, Tasmania’s adventure hub, custodian of some of Tasmania’s earliest history, and home to many of Tasmania’s best accommodation, experiential and lifestyle opportunities.

Come visit the Derwent Valley. Stay a while. The locals won’t mind sharing their paradise.