Fungi Hunting.

It starts every autumn with just a few oranges and browns, but it’s not the turning of the Fagus. By winter the blues, greens, yellows and reds will have you hooked, but it’s not flowers. It’s fungi!

Fungi hunting has become the newest attraction at Mt Field National Park as visitors to the ever popular Russell Falls pause along the winding fern-lined track, and look closely at their surroundings.

“It’s so much fun seeing visitors return from a 20 minute walk 2 hours later because they get so engrossed in fungi hunting.” said Waterfalls Cafe owner Rachel Power.

Fungi hunting has grown rapidly across Tasmania in recent years, and with Mt Field National Park considered a hot-spot, visitors are thoroughly enjoying all it has to offer.


Recent rains have pushed up an incredible miniature network of “fungi villages” in Tasmania’s World Heritage listed, Mt Field National Park. With more rain predicted, this natural wonder will continue to put on a show like no other.


Rachel Power has a real love for the delicate mushrooms. “It will change the way you view what was Tasmania’s best kept secret. This little find could change everything—for me, this place has certainly changed my life.” Power said.


Power is the owner of the cafe in Mt Field National Park. She has long advocated for its tourism growth and expansion. After her recent discovery however, the need is stronger than ever.


“Mt Field National Park has something new to find every single season. It’s right now though, that I’m as excited as a child. I find real joy in walking through this magical place and stopping, looking around, like I would have if I was a child.” She said.

Another activity finding a strong following is photographing the many colours and varieties of fungi in the Park. Resident photographer Greg Power has a real passion for sharing his wealth of experience with aspiring photographers throughout the park. Greg has fungi tours running throughout the season, providing tips and tricks on taking stunning photo’s of Mt Field’s treasures. Join one of his upcoming tours by booking via his website: 

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