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Fungi hunting Derwent Valley Tasmania

Fungi Hunting

Fungi Hunting. It starts every autumn with just a few oranges and browns, but it’s not the turning of the Fagus. By winter the blues, greens, yellows and reds will have you hooked, but it’s not flowers. It’s fungi! Fungi

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Rathmore in the Derwent Valley Tasmania

6 Farmstays in Derwent Valley Tasmania

6 Farmstays in Derwent Valley Tasmania. There is nothing quite like a down to earth country farm stay to take you away from your everyday and into another world. It’s off with the sandals and on with the gumboots. You

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Maree Rieper - Derwent Valley Medieval Festival

Maree Rieper

Meet Maree Rieper. Maree Rieper of Lachlan is one of the passionate volunteers in the Derwent Valley Project Group, the committee behind the Derwent Valley Medieval Festival. In its second year, the 2017 festival (28th and 29th of October) aims

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Derwent Valley Medieval Festival October 2017

Derwent Valley Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival (2017) Image by Leslie J Dee If you’re into everything medieval, from frocks, forging and general frivolity — then look no further than the Derwent Valley Medieval Festival. The event is held at Kensington Park, New Norfolk and

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Maydena Derwent Valley Tasmania

5 NEW Bucket Listable Experiences

5 New Bucket List Experiences. The locals know that the Derwent Valley is Tasmania’s best kept secret. It is their secret. Their own perfect piece of the world. Perfectly, sublimely beautiful. Pristine and vast, with warm pockets of civilisation. The

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