The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery

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Experience our vast expansive space, large windows and high ceilings lined with the original pressed metal. The building begged to be filled with diners. The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery (#AKE) & Store was born. 


The vision is to create a space where local, seasonal produce is celebrated. Where the diner experiences a true sense of place through the food they eat. Where the ingredients speak for themselves with little adornment.


Our aim is to foster a community of local growers, farmers and fishermen through which the mainstay of our ingredients are sourced along with excess from the cooking school’s garden and farm.


Fruit and vegetables enter the kitchen with remnants of leaves and soil attached, meat as whole carcasses to be hung and broken down when required.


In the kitchen, under the guidance of Head Chef Ali Currey-Voumard, these ingredients meet the fire power of our handcrafted wood-fired oven, grill and hot-smoker.